The Galileoscope is designed for ease of use. Once the telescope is put together, the only moving part is the focuser. However, you will find your observing experience much more enjoyable if you know a few observing basics before heading out under the night sky.

Please take advantage of the downloadable material available here.

Galileoscope Course: This pdf is a version of a short course we developed to show you the optics of a telescope as well as how to assemble and use the Galileoscope.

Assembly Guide: This extensive assembly guide takes you step by step through the construction of a Galileoscope.

Picture Assembly Guide: This version of the assembly directions uses only pictures.

Observing Guide: This observing guide highlights objects that can be seen through the Galileoscope and special events that occur thoughout this year.

Assembly Video (21mb): This video by NOAO shows you how to assemble the Galileoscope.

Informational Flyer: This promotional gives an overview of the Galileoscope.

Galileoscope Optics Guide: The Galileoscope Optics Guide contains an extensive series of experiments you can do to explore how a telescope focuses light.

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