Photography Through a Galileoscope

Students can take photographs through the Galileoscope with simple equipment. A simple point and shoot camera can be used to photograph bright objects such as the Moon and planets. The camera should be mounted on a tripod and pointed directly into the Galileoscope's eyepiece. Turn off the flash and snap away! You can photograph craters on the Moon and the rings of Saturn.

Using web cam you can record videos of objects through the Galileoscope. Photo processing software can be used to bring out striking detail even with a small telescope.

There are many resources for using web cams with small telescopes. One of the best is the Quick Cam Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group (QCUIAG). QCUIAG has information on cameras, software and imaging techniques for imagers of all skill levels. There are lots of free image processing programs you can use to get the most of your images listed below.

Quick Cam Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group
Ray Shore’s Webcam Astrophotography Tutorial For Planets
Starizona’s Guide to CCD Imaging
ImageJ Image Processing Program
MicroObservatory Image
Iris Image Processing Program
GIMP Image Processing Program