Naveen Nanjundappa/She is an Astronomer

Getting Started

This web site is designed for teachers who are looking for classroom activities to use with the Galileoscope. The Galileoscope is a diverse instrument that can be used in a wide variety of topics related to optics and astronomy.

We recommend taking the Galileoscope Online Course. This course will take you through several optics experiments about how a telescope works, how to assemble the Galileoscope, and basic Galileoscope observing.

The Galileoscope Observing Guide contains more in depth information on the night sky. You can find out the dates of the phases of the Moon throughout the year, when the planets are visible, the dates of interesting astronomical events, and a wide variety of observing resources.

Classroom Projects outline some of the observing projects students can undertake with the Galileoscope. These include seeing craters on the Moon, observing the phases of Venus, tracking Jupiter's Moons, and seeing the rings of Saturn.

Giving a Workshop lets you bring your knowledge of telescopes to other teachers. You can teach optics and how to assemble a Galileoscope in a three to four hour workshop.