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Requests for further information, suggestions for documentation to include on this page, or any other correspondence related to use of NEWFIRM on the 4-m telescopes may be addressed to Ronald Probst, NEWFIRM Instrument Scientist,

NEWFIRM, the NOAO Extremely Wide Field Infrared Imager, images a 28 x 28 arcmin field of view on the NOAO 4-m telescopes. It covers a wavelength range of 1 - 2.4 microns at 0.4 arcsec/pixel. It was offered on the 4-m Mayall telescope on Kitt Peak through April, 2010. It is currently operating on the 4-m Blanco telescope on Cerro Tololo.


Just the facts, quick!
NEWFIRM Quick Guide for Proposal Preparation
Darks, flatfields, and on-sky images
NEWFIRM Use Policies
NEWFIRM Filter Availability and Policy on Filter Changes
NEWFIRM Scheduling Policy through 2011
The NEWFIRM Instrument
NEWFIRM System Overview
NEWFIRM Optical Design
SDN 1101 Imaging Performance Requirements
SDN 2201 NEWFIRM Warm Lens Optical Prescriptions
SDN 2202 Physical Dimentions of Warm Optics Layout
Optics section of PDR document
NEWFIRM Filter Overview
NEWFIRM Filter Availability and Policy on Filter Changes
NEWFIRM Filter Identification and Properties List
Filter data packs
1056 nm data pack
1060 blocker data pack
1063 nm data pack
1187 nm data pack
1644 blocker data pack
1644 nm data pack
2096 nm data pack
2124-68 blocker data pack
2124 nm data pack
2168 nm data pack
H 127 77K data pack
H+K blocker data pack
HX data pack
J blocker data pack
JX data pack
KX data pack
Lists of Installed Filters
2008B first half
2008B second half
2011A and 2011B
NEWFIRM InSb Array Detectors
ORION SCA Laboratory Test Results Summary
Photon Transfer Curve Reports
Linearity Tests and Characterization
2K x 2K InSb for Astronomy (SPIE 2004)
NEWFIRM System Throughput
Sky and Telescope Transmission Curve
Composite NEWFIRM Optics Transmission Curve
InSb Arrays Transmission Curve
Convolved System Transmission Curve
Observing with NEWFIRM
Observing with Infrared Arrays
NEWFIRM Starup, Data Taking, and Error Recovery Procedures
Guide to Observing Protocols
NOCS Script Generator Tool
Operation of the NEWFIRM Guider
Data Reduction Pipelines and Data Products
NEWFIRM Chapter in NOAO Data Handbook
Introduction to the Quick Reduce Pipeline
Introduction to the Science Reduction Pipeline
A Guide to NEWFIRM Data Reduction with IRAF
NFEXTERN IRAF package for NEWFIRM data reduction
NEWFIRM Technical Publications
2K x 2K InSb for Astronomy (SPIE 2004)
Status of NEWFIRM program, SPIE 2004
Passive flexure compensation, SPIE 2004
Passive flexure compensation poster
NEWFIRM first light
NEWFIRM Observing Software, SPIE 2008

Low-surface-brightness galaxy IC342 in J + H + Br gamma. A single, dithered, NEWFIRM field of view, with the fields of various Gemini instruments indicated.

Star-forming nebulea NGC6334. Image taken with the Blanco 4-M telescope on Cerro Tololo, May 24, 2010.

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